What is Lablaco?

Lablaco is a Social Circular Economy platform vertical on Fashion, empowering both businesses and individuals to easily shift to a closed-loop consumption system.

You can check us out here :

Our key feature is the ‘Give’ which enables you to recirculate ‘gently worn’ pieces in your wardrobe thus preventing clothes from ending up in the landfill. With every piece you share you can earn digital coins that can be used as discounts to shop a wide range of sustainable or independent designers all over the world all in one platform.  

Why are we so concerned about Fashion Pollution & What do we offer to solve the problem?

Nearly 20% of global wastewater is produced by the fashion industry and our Fashion Footprint accounts for 10% carbon budget which is more than international shipping + flights combine. Studies show that 57% of our personal wardrobes remains unused. Consumers throw away shoes and clothing, an average of 70 pounds per person, annually. All this waste ends up in landfills, while up to 95% of the textiles that are land filled each year could be recycled. However recycling of clothes means additional CO2 emissions. If that 57% of unworn clothes can be recirculated that will make a bigger environmental impact than recycling them.

What is ‘Recirculation’ and how can I contribute?

Prolonging the life of your garments by 9 months you can reduce your carbon, water and waste footprints by around 20-30%. That doesn’t mean we want you to wear the item you don’t love yourself, we offer you to share them with people who will actually use them. By recirculating the items inside the community we can prolong their life and save them from the landfill.

 What makes this an action summit?

We don’t want to just talk about sustainability we want to make a difference that is why we have 1 Goal per each of the 3 panels. We are committed to provide 1,000 sneakers to children in need, tokenize 10,000 fashion items and are most ambitious goal is to recirculate 100,000 garments in order to save an estimation of 2,000 tons of CO2 and 3,000,000 liters of water. The last Goal is only achievable with YOUR help! Join the movement now as a brand or an individual and let’s change the fashion industry together.

How can you join the movement?

Sign up on and give away your gently worn garments that you don’t use anymore, by simply posting a picture of it with small description about the brand, size and material. Once the garment will be ‘purchased’ by other user DHL will come to your house to pack it and deliver to the new owner. When your garment finds the new home on your profile will be visible the estimated amount of water and CO2 you saved and your contribution will be counted automatically in 100,000 Goal.